Fines, Fees and Loan Periods

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Fines: Main Library

Overdue Item (except specified below)5 cents per day
Overdue DVD/BluRay50 cents per day per item

Fines: Mobile Library

Overdue Item (except specified below)25 cents per week per item
Overdue DVD/BluRay50 cents per day per item

Fines and Fees: Products and Services

Product or ServiceFee
Replacement Library Card$2.00
Black + White Printing, Copies or Microfilm Copy10 cents per page
Color Printing or Copies25 cents per page
Faxes (Outgoing faxes only - Incoming not allowed)50 cents per page
USB Portable Flash Storage Drive (8GB)$5.00
Book Tote Bags$3.00

Fines and Fees: Miscellaneous

ItemFine or Fee
DVD/BluRay Left in Bookdrop$1.00
NSF Check$15.00 per check
Lost Item Cost of item plus any additional fees
DVD/BluRay Returned Without Case$5.00
Lost Item Refund (No refunds after 6 months)Amount originally collected less $10.00

A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.

-Andrew Carnegie

Loan Periods: Main Library

Items may be renewed in person, over the phone, or online with your library card number and PIN. If you don’t know or lost your PIN, call the library or ask at the Circulation Desk and a new PIN will be assigned to you.

ItemPeriodRenewalsRenewal Period
Book3 weeks33 weeks
Magazine3 weeks33 weeks
Talking Book3 weeks3 3 weeks
Vertical File3 weeks33 weeks
DVD/BluRay1 week31 week

Loan Periods: Mobile Library

ItemPeriodRenewalsRenewal Period
Book1 month21 month
Magazine1 month21 month
DVD/BluRay1 month3 1 month

Loan Periods: Senior Patrons Age 75+

ItemPeriodRenewalsRenewal Period
All Items6 weeks36 weeks
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