Public Records Request

Public Records Policy

In accordance with LRS 44:1, et seq the West Baton Rouge Parish Library Public Records Policy is as follows:

  • The custodian of public records for the records of the West Baton Rouge Parish Library shall be the Director of the Library or the designee thereof; in the event that the position of Director is vacant the custodian shall be the chairperson of the Board of Control.
  • Records deemed public records in accordance with Louisiana law* shall be available for review by any person of the age of majority, during regular business hours of the Library, upon the request of such person, which request shall include providing the name and address of the person making such request, unless the records are in active use in the ordinary course and scope of business of the Library; the custodian may require the requester to provide proper identification.
  • If the custodian questions whether records requested for examination or copying are public records, the custodian shall promptly consult with Library legal counsel.
  • In the event the records are in active use, the custodian shall provide a date and time when such records would be available for inspection, within 3 business days of the initial request for inspection.
  • Any person of the age of majority may request copies of any records that are deemed public records in accordance with Louisiana law, as follows:
    • Any such request shall be in writing, delivered to the custodian of records;
    • Such request shall include the requester’s name and home address and the requester’s telephone contact number or email address;
    • Such request shall include a statement that the requester agrees to pay the copy charges provided for in the Public Records Policy.
  • Copy charges for public records are as follows:
    • $1.00 per page up to 25 pages, then $0.50 per page thereafter;
    • $10 for each thumb drive onto which electronic records are saved to be provided to a requester; no thumb drive provided by a requester shall be used by the custodian.
  • Copy charges shall apply to both physical photocopies and to the scanning of records into electronic format to be provided to the requester by email or by use of a thumb drive.
  • If a copy request is so large as to be unduly interfere with the operation of the Library, there may be an additional charge for staff time outside of ordinary business hours to complete the copy request.
  • The custodian or his/her designee shall contact a requester within 3 days of a request for copies to provide an estimate of the time as to when the copy request can be completed, and, if the request will unduly burden the operation of the Library, the custodian shall include an estimate of the staff time charge.
  • When, in the opinion of the custodian, the aggregate charge is likely to exceed $50, the custodian may set and notify the requester of a reasonable deposit to be prepaid by the requester before the copy request shall begin.


* Louisiana law provides that certain records are not a public record, including certain privileged documents, documents that contain confidential information and certain library records exempted by LRS 44:13.

Request Public Records

Public Records Request Process

  1. Download and complete the request form in its entirety.
  2. Sign the form.
  3. Submit the form in person, by mail, or email to [email protected]
  4. A representative from the library will contact you with next steps.


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