Backpack Program

About the Program

The WBR Library has Baby and Toddler outreach backpacks available for checkout. These are perfect for busy moms and childcare centers.  

There are 14 Baby Backpacks and 23 Toddler backpacks. Each backpack has a curated selection of ten to fifteen age-appropriate books around a theme.

Childcare centers, schools, and families are welcome to check these backpacks out for three weeks. Childcare or school facility library cards are available with the completion of a facility library card agreement.

If you need additional help, please click “Get Help” in the top menu or reach out to the youth services department for more information at (225) 342-7920.

Preview Each Backpack

  1. Expand the section for babies or toddlers, or both.

  2. Use the arrows to navigate left or right to preview each bag.

  3. To zoom in, just click or tap the photo!

Request a Backpack

To request a backpack, click the button below, or call (225) 342-7920 for more information.


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